Grado SR80i Review – Best noise cancelling headphone under 100 dollars

Best noise cancelling headphone under 100 dollars

This Grado SR80i review will look at the performance as well as wearability of these headphones. Grado is an American company that has been in the audiophile industry for over half a decade. They have been making high quality headphones like the SR-80i. The “i” in Sr80i stands for “improved” since they are an upgrade from the previous SR80.

The SR80i has an over-the-ear design with an open back and the styling is basic black with black foam earpieces. Their earpieces have a metallic cushioned flexible headband whose height adjustment is done by means of sliding posts which are attached to the earpieces and sliding through mounting pieces which are connected to them. The foam cushions offer comfort to the listener but you might get uncomfortable after some time. All this varies with the shape and size of the ear as well as how long they are used for.

Best noise cancelling headphone under 100 dollars
Grado SR80i Review

During this Grado SR80i review, we found that main disadvantage to be that the open-ear design is not ideal for use on planes or trains because the noise will bother your neighbor. They are best for use at home or in a private office.

The clarity of SR80i headphones is wonderful. There is a revolutionary poise between the upper and lower frequencies, providing a much improved quality of bass. The is because of the driver diaphragms that Grado claims to make by using a ‘de-stressing’ process for more sonic detail and more realistic sound.

The Grado SR80i have a nice and thick cable with the same diameter as a normal AC cable. It is a four conductor connecting cable that offers an outstanding audio experience with resonant distortion functionality. The cord has a 1/8 inch plug for iPods, laptops and other devices that use a mini-jack output. The headphones come with a 1/4 inch adaptor.

This Grado Sr80i review found that these headphones have a smooth tone and a neutral, unexaggerated bass and treble. The bass is solid, the treble clear and smooth, while the mid-range is very articulate. On the other hand, the stereo is expansive, has excellent imaging and focus for vocals and instruments. The mid of these headphone are good, though they lack the speed to keep up completely with a strumming guitar, because the guitar’s tone may sound distorted or smashed together.

Although the sound-stage depends on the song, the Grado SR80i has a good sound-stage. These headphones are durable and exceptionally comfortable. They have systematic support points that allow the users to collapse the device while traveling.

The Pros and Cons of Grado SR80i headphones:


  • Excellent music quality
  • Very good value
  • Light weight and comfortable
  • Thick cable; ensuring durability


  • After long periods of use, clamping force of headphones can become uncomfortable and tiresome
  • Old fashioned styling; not the most appealing design
  • No noise isolation; headphones are open

The Grado SR80i headphones’s sell for around $100 and they can be bought from popular online stores.

The main target while buying headphones is the best sound,. This Grado SR80i review finds that these headphones absolutely satisfy the user’s expectations in this regard and is worth the price tag. the high quality Grado SR80i are among the top of my best headphones under 200 list.

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