All You Need To Know About Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

Keratosis Pilaris is one of the many skin diseases that are found in people who have vitamin A deficiency and dry skin. It is being manifested through red, small bumps that are similar to goose bumps and pimples. The bumps only appear in specific areas of the body like hips, cheeks, upper arms, upper thighs and buttocks. Squeezing these bumps will give you a thick and white substance that is made of keratin proteins.

Treatment for Keratosis Pilaris

Basically, there is no universal treatment for this skin condition; however, one important reminded in any keratosis pilaris treatment is the need for it to be continuously performed. Some of the common keratosis pilaris treatment being used is physical treatments combined with topical products such as extraction of whiteheads, gentle exfoliation and facial.

For mild cases, the keratosis pilaris treatment suitable is this:

First, wash the affected area with Glysal cleanser once daily. After washing, make sure to pat it dry. Apply Am Lactin lotion or Salex in the morning and Tretinoin at night. For outmost result, get a glycolic treatment regularly.

Another popular keratosis pilaris treatment is the use of moisturizers that can be bought over the counter like Lubriderm lotions or Cetaphil. In addition, lactic-acid lotions and other creams also help on decreasing the residue of dry bumps.

Another keratosis pilaris treatment is urea and ammonium lactate that gives softness to the clogged skin, topical retinoid that stop dead cells from blocking hair follicles, and the corticosteroids that suppress the immune system. In severe cases, light and laser therapies are good options.


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